Discovering vibrant Hurghada in Egypt

Desert near Hurghada, Egypt. Photograph by Marcel Groot
Desert near Hurghada, Egypt. Photograph by Marcel Groot

Hurghada, on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, is a fantastic tourist destination. Originally home to a fishing community, it is now a vibrant hub of fun, beautiful scenery and amazing activities for the whole family.

In Hurghada, you will find luxury hotels that offer a wide variety of services – but don’t assume that this means your budget won’t go very far. You will be surprised at the reasonable cost of some of the hotels available, and there is something for all pockets – everything from top-end accommodation to hotels catering for more modest holiday budgets.

Many of the hotels are in fantastic locations, lining the coast and giving access to private beaches and beautiful aquatic fun and frolics. For example, gorgeous crystal-clear waters surround the city, making Hurghada a fantastic place to enjoy some snorkelling or scuba diving. Those with an interest in nature can also admire the wide variety of native marine life.

If you want to explore the nearby desert there are lots of options – you can do so on horseback, on a camel, or on a quad bike. Always ensure that your travel insurance is up to date first though.

For the less intrepid, the city boasts plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, fitness centres, saunas, gyms and salons to while away many a happy hour making yourself look and feel amazing. There are also lots of wonderful souvenirs that can be purchased in the shops – many of them are handmade locally, giving them a real authentic touch.

One of the best ways to spend a day in Hurghada is by relaxing on the beautiful, clean, sandy beaches, including lots of private beaches attached to the hotels. There are some truly amazing food and drink items to be tried here, and the beach is as good a place as any for a light snack and some delicious cocktails, all served by wonderful and attentive staff.

The marina in Hurghada is another beautiful location to enjoy a day out. You can watch the boats coming in and leaving, and take in some of the beautiful sights nearby. There is also some great local cuisine available in one of the many cafes or restaurants, including delightful – and very fresh – seafood. If you head to the marina in the evening you will find some amazing bars to enjoy yourself in, including Hed Kandi, which is always sure to pull in a fantastic crowd and give you a truly amazing clubbing experience.

In short, there’s something for the whole family to do in Hurghada. Whether you fancy some rest and relaxation on the beach, or prefer to let your hair down partying the night away, a holiday in Hurghada is always going to be a fantastic one.

Photo credit: Marcel Groot

For more ideas for what to do, check out the Hurghada page on the Lonely Planet website.

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