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Hong Kong skyline from the Peak. Photograph by Natasha Lai
Hong Kong skyline from the Peak. Photograph by Natasha Lai

Whether it is the day time or the night time, there really is an amazing vibrancy about Hong Kong that is just not matched anywhere else in the world.

This is a truly unique place that must be experienced, in person, to really come to life in the imagination. I have a whole host of wonderful places that I have enjoyed visiting in Hong Kong and here I document some of the most amazing ones.

Madame Tussauds features many waxworks on display of celebrities and famous figures from around the world, and the Hong Kong Tussauds is of particular interest to me because of some of the amazing areas that you can see here.

There are six areas, and my favourites were the Hong Kong glamour area, which was simply stunning and full of opulent, wealthy-looking individuals; and the historical area, which gave a very educational aspect to the day. I thoroughly enjoyed this visit here as I could see some of the waxworks that are not available in the various other Tussauds waxworks around the world. I spent a fair few hours here just going around, queuing to pose for photographs, and reading many of the blurbs that are located near the wax works.

Back out in the city, there are two markets that particularly stuck out in my mind, one being the Temple Street Market. It really comes alive as the sun begins to set, and is a fantastic place for souvenirs, clothing and other luxury wares. The second is the Western Market, which is an ancient building full of many wonderful shops and a very romantic dance floor and eating area on the top floor – my favourite part of this ‘Market’. Overall, this is a fantastic place to spend a day and there are so many shops that I could easily spend a week here and never look at everything on offer.

Disneyland Hong Kong is the last place that I feel I must mention, mainly because it is so enjoyable and a fairly large portion of my last trip to Hong Kong was spent here, enjoying the many rides and attractions available. This park is quite different in design to the parks of Paris and Florida, as it is designed with a real Chinese influence – making for a truly unique theme park that looks and feels amazing.

There are lots of different areas to this resort, including the four themed areas of Main Street USA, Adventureland, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. Each ‘land’ offers something a little different, and it is possible to spend a good day or two exploring each one, and visiting all the different shops, rides and attractions.

If you are taking a flight to Hong Kong with a young family, remember to bring a couple of memory cards for your camera, several sets of batteries, and an autograph book for the younger members of the family to document all the famous Disney characters that they have met along the way.

There are lots of hotels nearby, including two themed Disney ones, and there should be something for almost every budget. Whether you are enjoying a day or a week here you can sure that it will be fun packed, expensive and tiring, but totally worth it!

Overall Hong Kong is home to some of the most amazing experiences in the world and is a place that I could happily visit time and time again without tiring. There is always something new happening here, and if you are a fan of the Disneyland parks then this is a real event for you – particularly as the events here change on an almost daily basis and one visit is never going to be the same as another.

Photo credit: Natasha Lai

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