Top five overseas retirement spots for 2017 and beyond

How about Mexico as an overseas retirement destination? Photograph by Unsplash at Pixabay
How about Mexico as an overseas retirement destination? Photograph by Unsplash at Pixabay

One of the greatest advantages of retirement is the opportunity to live wherever you want.  Brexit or no Brexit, the simple fact of the matter is that retirees who can demonstrate that they have sufficient income for their needs are welcome pretty much across the world.

Brexit may affect the ability of retirees to work in Europe, but, even then, there are in-demand skills (such as teaching English) which could be used to earn an extra income (legally).

With that in mind, here are our top five overseas retirement destinations for 2017 and beyond – three in Europe, and two for the more adventurous.


Possibly the classic retirement destination for people from the UK. Leaving aside its top draw of the weather and its many other natural and cultural attractions – from its famous beaches to its delicious food and wine – Spain is very used to dealing with people from the UK; both those in retirement and holidaymakers.

So, English is widely spoken, and the basics of Spanish are easy to learn.


Tucked between the western border of Spain and the North Atlantic Ocean, Portugal’s geographic location makes it easy to overlook, but actually it’s full of attractions.

To begin with, property is still very affordable here (relatively speaking) with Lisbon offering at least as many attractions as Madrid at a much lower price.

The fact that the weather is cooler than in Spain may actually be a draw to some people, and as Portugal is also popular as a holiday destination, there are plenty of budget airlines operating in the country.


Located slightly closer to the very south of Italy than to Tunisia, Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world, let alone the EU.

In spite of its tiny size, however, it packs in literally thousands of years of well-preserved history, along with a lively cultural scene and, of course, blissful weather. As a former UK colony, English is widely spoken.

While Malta may be considered a more adventurous destination – in that it really is the southern tip of Europe, and is comparatively less well-served by budget air travel – it’s still very easy to reach from the UK, and offers outstanding value for money as a retirement destination.


This may be a surprising choice to some, who might have thought of Thailand as the only Asian retirement destination worth considering.

Close neighbour Malaysia, however, offers many of the same attractions in terms of beaches and inland nature, cleanliness and facilities, and English-speaking services such as doctors.

The real bonus of Malaysia, however, is that it is massively easier for international buyers to buy and own property there in their own names, rather than having to work with, or through, a local intermediary.

While Malaysia is obviously further away than European retirement destinations, it’s a local air-transport hub with all the benefits this implies.


Look beyond the news headlines and remember that Mexico is a big place, most of which is as peaceful as anywhere else you’re going to find in the world. Obviously do your homework, but remember to weigh up the benefits as well as the potential risks.

There is a reason why Mexico is home to so many US retirees; in fact, there are several. These include the low cost of living, the great services on offer, the fact that English is widely spoken, and the fact that it’s so easy to reach from just about anywhere in the world.

Photo credit: Unsplash at Pixabay

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