An Edinburgh summer: survive the ‘unique’ Scottish weather

Explore Edinburgh by tram - or hop on one to the airport! Photograph by Graham Soult
Explore Edinburgh by tram - or hop on one to the airport!

Edinburgh has never been famed for its simmering summers. Even during the hottest time of the year, you’re more likely to witness a flood on Princes Street than fry an egg on the pavement.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to linger beneath a downcast sky when the Scottish weather strikes. Whether it’s sunny or not, Edinburgh is the cosmopolitan heart of Scotland – and it’s teeming with things to do.

So take a look at our list and see how you can enjoy this bustling capital, whatever the weather.

Do you do Voodoo?

Located just off Princes Street, the Voodoo Rooms is one of the coolest bar/restaurants you’re likely to visit in the capital.

A former ballroom, the Rooms has maintained its Art Deco style and improved it with aplomb. As Humphrey Bogart might say, “It’s a joint that reeks of class”.

Gold cornicing is joined by a stark black ceiling imbued with sparkling silver and intricate metal statuettes. It’s a wonderful throwback reminding you of a time when flapper girls and zoot suits reigned supreme.

Complementing the interior design is a varied food and drink menu to leave you salivating before your order. Again, it’s a menu of class – steaks, beef fillet, chicken breast and much more will be served to perfection, and all at a reasonable price.

During the Fringe, the biggest arts festival in the world, the Rooms dedicates three function spaces to shows, which are generally free to view. It’s a month where the venue really comes alive. Pop along – at Fringe-time, you never know what you might find.

Take stock in Stockbridge

Stockbridge is an area of Edinburgh rich in cafes, book and music shops – and it’s filled with friendlier residents than an episode of Balamory.

Away from the tourists, the area acts as a great resting zone from the hurry scurry of the Royal Mile and the Princes Street Gardens. In a sense, its village atmosphere feels removed from the rest of Edinburgh.

So grab the latest paperback and find somewhere to dine in Stockbridge. Even in the sputtering rain, you’ll feel like you’ve wandered into the calming countryside.

An airport to remember

And if the unpredictable weather grows too much to bear, it’s time to get out of Dodge and hit the airport!

Edinburgh Airport plays host to over 40 airlines travelling to more than 100 world-wide destinations – many of which are sun-kissed paradises.

The airport is only a tram ride away, or the parking facilities in the area are extensive for those parking their car for an Edinburgh long stay.

Flight prices vary from location to location, but many European trips can set you back under £100. And when you return to Edinburgh’s unique climes, you’ll feel refreshed enough to appreciate this beautiful city once more.

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